Is my personal data safe through the app?

Yes. At BetterPT, we are dedicated to keeping your health information secure. We are always working hard to keep your data safe and continually earn your trust. Here are some of the ways we protect it:

  • Privacy and security training: Everyone here receives HIPAA privacy and security training to ensure that we stay focused on privacy. (HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, establishes national standards for protecting the identifiable health information of health plan beneficiaries and patients.)
  • Strong encryption: We employ top-notch technology to safeguard data. All health data is transferred via HTTPS over TLS, which is a security standard used by the US government for secured traffic (FIPS compliant).
  • Secure storage: All data is stored in physically and electronically secure facilities, behind firewalls. Data backups are protected by high-grade encryption, meaning your data stays secure and unreadable.
  • Expert partners: BetterPT works with outside experts to keep our security practices and standards high.